How do People Feel When They're on the Other Side of You?


What's it like to be on the other side of you?

  • When you enter the room, are your peers, colleagues and subordinates excited and relieved that you have arrived?  The last time you were with this group of people, did you inspire them to stretch, to grow and to innovate?
  • Is your phone ringing with colleagues on the other end who want your company at the lunch table?
  • Are you letting other people be the smartest people in the room even though you might actually be the smartest person in the room?
  • Have you developed a habit of saying “Thank You” to everyone who crosses your path and adds value to your day?  
  • Do you show gratitude where gratitude is deserved?
  • Do you know your natural strengths?  Have you aligned your natural strengths with your chosen work in order to deliver your best self?
  • Do you know how important it is to take responsibility when things go wrong and to not just take credit when things go right?
  • Do you share credit in times of victory and acknowledge mistakes in times of defeat?
  • Do you listen more than you speak in order to learn from the intelligent people around you?
  • Are you fair and consistent?  People around you may not always agree with you but if you’re known to be consistent and fair, you’ll be respected more often than not.

Do you inspire those around you to reach greater heights?


Jeff Snyder is a globally sought after talent expert, public speaker, business coach and career coach.  Jeff is well-known for his Futuristic, Strategic, Activator, Maximizer and Command strengths that enable him to guide his clients in moving from “Good to Great”; leaving mediocrity in the rear view mirror.

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