Know This before Your Next Interview


Your Next Interview

The best trick, gimmick or tactic to get your next job is to have no trick, gimmick or tactic at all in mind when you interview.

The best person to take to your next interview is the real authentic you and not a made up fictitious you.  If you get a job based on presenting a false you, how long do you think you’ll be able to live up to the false image you created during your interview process once you start working?

Instead, know yourself inside and out.  Know what is great about you and know what is not so great about you.  Know what you’re great at and know how to articulate that message clearly.  Know what you are not great at and what you’ll never be great at.  Have a strategy in place to articulate this message clearly too.

Learn how to ask questions of your prospective employer to get them to ask you to talk about your strengths.  This is not a slick, fancy gimmicky move.  This is a well-planned interview strategy that will put you in a natural position to deliver the authentic you.

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