Is the Significance Strength One of Your Top Strengths?



The Clifton StrengthsFinder suggests that people who have the Significance strength want to be very important in other’s eyes.

Significance is an influencing theme. For people who have Significance as a strength, they have a deep desire to leave a legacy.  When they understand how to leverage their strength the right way, the strength of Significance can give someone the ability to lead others.

A person who has the Significance theme high on their list can sometimes get stuck in a mindset that says “Look at me!”  A person who has this theme high on their list and has learned to turn Significance into a positive strength can use this strength to lead others.

You can find out how you’re uniquely wired and you can learn how to turn your unique set of strengths into leverage that comes out in your personal power!

Jeff Snyder Strengths Coaching

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