Goal Crushing

I Set Goals Following Open Heart Surgery

This photo of the Grand Canyon belongs to the Grand Canyon Association

This photo of the Grand Canyon belongs to the Grand Canyon Association

I haven't hit the 2 year mark yet following my open heart surgery of 2014 but it's coming up soon.  A week before my open heart surgery, I skated three hockey games and skied two times.  I showed up for this life-changing event in the best shape I could in order to take care of my part of the deal.

The other part of this deal belonged to the heart surgeon.  He promised me that the better my fitness was coming to the surgery, the faster I would recover.  I took this advice seriously by skating over 200 hockey games and by skiing over 200,000 vertical feet in the three years before my open heart surgery.

The week before my surgery, I spoke with the heart surgeon and he helped me to set realistic recovery goals following my surgery.  I crushed every single one of my goals.  I crushed some of them alone and I crushed some of them with my wife's help. Other goals were crushed with the help of a couple of good friends who are also my hockey and mountain biking buddies.

This beautiful Grand Canyon photo represents my final written goal following open heart surgery.  On my white board from April of 2014, I wrote down the goal of hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim.  That trip is now in the planning stages for this Spring.

I have found a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie, goal setting, goal crushing person just like me who has expressed an interest in helping me to crush yet another goal.

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