Jeff has been privileged to speak to many Business, Entrepreneur, Technology and Leadership groups in Colorado Springs, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Francisco. 

Jeff’s Public Speaking Topics

  • 21st Century Leadership: What The Business Wants, Needs and Expects From Technology Leaders

  • Millennials: How to Hire Them, Guide Them and Retain Them

  • Overcoming Adversity: Knocked Down, Got Back Up

  • Find Your Purpose, Leverage Your Strengths

  • Embracing Change May Save Your Life

  • Behavior Trumps IQ When It Comes To Career Advancement

  • LinkedIn Is Here To Stay; What’s Your Personal Strategy?

  • Thinking About Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Jeff’s Public Speaking Audience Feedback

Thank you Jeff Snyder!!! I still have your one sheet from your training session presented at Las Vegas ISSA CISO Forum several years ago.

Jeff, you have a talent of giving people the training and confidence of taking their careers to amazing places. Thanks again for your support!!
— Director, Information Security and Risk Management
I really appreciated the insights and thoughts you shared with the audience during the CSO Roundtable. It was really valuable.
— Enterprise Security Risk Management Leader
I found your presentation quite insightful and eye opening.
— Global Security Executive South America, CSO Roundtable
Enjoyed visiting at the CSO Roundtable. Thanks for participating, lots of good feedback.
Thanks again Jeff, you were great! I received nothing but positive feedback.
There was lots of great feedback on your remarks...thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jeff, we met today at the ISSA conference. Thank you for a fantastic talk about the importance of LinkedIn. Your talk was very informative and I appreciate the work you do to help others in marketing...myself included!
— U.S. Air Force Officer
It was my pleasure to have met you at yesterday’s ISSA conference. I really enjoyed your presentation. It was a nice break from the standard technical briefings ISSA puts together for these types of events.

Your talk sent me on a soul search to figure out what path I should take for this new second career I’m beginning to pursue. I just wanted to thank you for coming out to share your wisdom and humor.
— U.S. Air Force Officer
I met you today at the North Texas ISACA luncheon. Thank you for a great presentation.
I greatly appreciate the invite to the Information Security Leadership Forum. Your presentation held personal resonance with me.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Jeff Snyder Public Speaker
I stopped by the Information Security Leadership Forum today to hear you speak. I enjoyed it!
— Chief Information Security Officer
Great presentation today at the ISSA CISO Forum. Thanks for the advice.
— Global Chief Security Officer
Thanks Jeff Snyder for the great presentation!
Thank for being such an important part of our information security community. I’m grateful for all the support you continue to give ISSA-LA and other ISSA Chapters.
— President, ISSA-Los Angeles
Thanks for attending the ISSA CISO event earlier this week. It was refreshing to hear your perspective and passion to help those of us who want to move forward in this career path.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Thank you for your presentation at our ISSA event. I heard many positive comments.
Thank you so much for making the trip to Las Vegas to come speak on Monday. I had a number of attendees come up to me afterward to tell me how much they appreciated not just the topic itself, but also your personal story.
— Chief Information Security Officer
It was a pleasure to meet you at the ISSA CISO Forum. I enjoyed your talk. Many of the things you discussed resonated well with me.
— Chief Information Security Officer
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and I believe the rest of the attendees did as well. Thanks for your time and for the insightful information. If you plan to speak at other venues and want references, I’ll be happy to provide one.
— President
Thanks for presenting at our ISSA monthly meeting. I really liked your message. I am putting together an advisory board for the Denver ISSA Chapter. I would like to invite you to be on the board.
— Denver ISSA Advisory Board Member
Saw your presentation today. Very Informative!
I enjoyed your presentation at our ISSA meeting yesterday.
The presentation was good food for thought and the industry comments were especially beneficial. Thank you!
I enjoyed your presentation very much and feel the message was extremely valuable to me and my peers; especially the feedback from CIOs.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Your presentation was well received by the people I spoke to.
I was lucky enough to attend your ISSA presentation dealing with the career of a security professional.

I learned quite a bit of information and found it extremely helpful. So on that note, thank you for presenting to our group!
I was impressed by what you had to say at the ISSA-LA meeting. I had almost given up on working with anyone in recruiting. I’m glad there are still folks like yourself out there working with candidates in such a positive way.
— Information Security Manager
Thank you for speaking at last week’s Cyber Security Conference at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Along with many others, I appreciated your insights regarding communicating with your audience and developing a person career road map.
— Colorado Springs ISSA Member
I attended last night’s ISSA-LA meeting and wanted to thank you for your time and words of wisdom. As an active job seeker, I appreciated the information you shared.
I’m a member of the Colorado Springs ISSA. I attended your presentation yesterday. I did not get a chance to thank you in person so an email will have to do.

I’ve seen a lot of ISSA talks and yours might be THE BEST I’VE SEEN.

As you pointed out, ISSA members are a diverse group in both age and skill. My impression is that you invested considerable thought into how to include everyone.

I thought you nailed it!
It was good to meet you yesterday in person at ISSA-LA. You have a friendly and candid personality.
— ISSA-LA Member

Thanks again for coming to ISSA-LA. I look forward to your insights in the future.
Having been an ISSA member for some time and having met you via telephone in the past, I was anxious to hear you speak and to meet you in person at a recent Dallas ISACA event.

I was impressed with what you presented as well as how you related to the audience. You present very critical and key preparation and relationship factors that must be present for anyone wanting to strategically plan out their career.

You embody mentorship, the gift of coaching, as well as keen insight into the security industry.
— Chief Information Security Officer
I was luck enough to attend your ISSA presentation dealing with the career of a security professional. I leaned quite a bit of information and found it extremely helpful. Thank you for presenting to our group.
It was great to have met you at the ISACA North Texas meeting. Your presentation was GREAT!!!

I learned a lot from you.
— North Texas ISACA Member
I attended your seminar at ISSA Colorado Springs where you presented on LinkedIn. I found your insight to be very interesting. I enjoyed your talk.
— Colorado Springs, ISSA Member
Your presentation was great! What you shared would resonate well with the ISSA group in Dallas just like it did for the ISACA group.
— Director, Information Security
Your participation at ISSA was very valuable. Thank you for traveling to do it.
I met you today at the North Texas ISACA Luncheon. Thank you for a great presentation.
It was a pleasure to have met you. Your presentation was great!


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