My leadership coaching services are based on research I have done with your client/audience in the business. By leveraging my Futuristic™ (visionary) and Strategic™ strengths, I have assembled coaching services that address the skills and abilities you need to move forward as a leader.


I mentioned having worked with other coaches offered to me at work and how they are good listeners, but not so great at providing tangible recommendations on how to improve. They’ve tried to “lead me to the general vicinity of the water” and then wait for me to “find the water on my own and drink it”. I appreciate how that’s a learning experience and a journey, but I don’t have that much time available.

Your approach is far more tactical, laser-focused, and gets to the point quickly with the intent of tackling the issues head-on. I far more appreciate your approach, and it feels like you and I are engaged in a team effort to get to quick results. I would expect that this is exactly what senior executives are looking for: quick results, and they won’t have patience for the learning game. Capitalizing on this approach, I think, will get you ample mileage with the types of high-end, highly-motivated, excellence-seeking clients you wish to serve.
— Executive Technology Leader
Jeff has an uncanny ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and he pursues the best results possible in a focused, linear, deliberate, and authentic manner.

Simply put, Jeff is a brilliant and gifted strategist and a true visionary in his field.
— Chief Executive Officer
Jeff’s intuition combined with his wonderful and robust tool set is a powerful ally for individuals exploring their career direction.

I am fortunate to have Jeff on my side as I face the challenge of choices in today’s job market. He is a wonderful advisor!
— Homeland Cyber Security Executive
You have an entirely pragmatic approach to consulting. What you deliver to your clients is immediately applicable. You’re really good at this.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Jeff’s insights into the “C” level thoughts of many organizations will show you what you need to move past technology leadership and toward business leadership and executive engagement.
— “C” Suite Executive
Jeff has shown me where my true Strengths were hiding. This has enabled me to become a better leader.
— Director of Technology
Thank you for your inspiring work. My hour of leadership coaching with you was the highlight of my week at ASIS 2016. You energized me to be a better leader.
— Regional Security Director
I’m going to do it =)

I’m not going to give you up!

You’ve helped me tremendously.
— Vice President, Security Architecture
Jeff has been an invaluable resource and sounding board through my recent career transition. He provided an informed, honest opinion of my compensation range and walked through other important intangibles about an opportunity that was presented to me.

Jeff’s insights were extremely helpful in my negotiations and I came out on the other end with a very positive result. This was for a role where he as not directly recruiting or placing me–he was strictly acting as an independent adviser to me in the process.

I can’t say enough good things about Jeff and his professionalism, honesty, and deep rooted knowledge of senior security positions.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Jeff’s insights have shown me the optimal version of my leadership self...and that has made all the difference.
— Chief Security Officer
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