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I've been a LinkedIn user since 2004.  I built my profile at a time when there were less than 1 Million LinkedIn users.  During the holiday season in late 2004, I studied every aspect of LinkedIn.  That means that I clicked everything there was to click and I explored what at the time was a brand new platform. I formed many theories and made many predictions about what I thought LinkedIn might become.  Many years later, I have one of the largest LinkedIn networks in the world and I've been leveraging LinkedIn for business for over a decade.

It is from my perspective as a Recruiter and a Marketer that I will show you how to build a LinkedIn profile that will be found by recruiting professionals and hiring decision makers. I'll show you how to align your LinkedIn Profile message with your Resume message and the message you intend to share when you interview.  

My clients who are doing this are experiencing success when leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool for their personal brands and career development.

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You Get One Chance To Make A First Impression

All of my client's LinkedIn content stands out from the crowd because it is strategically built.  

Some of my clients take advantage of further improving the first impression visitors have when they visit their LinkedIn Profiles.  

LinkedIn Headers That Create A Strong First Impression

On 12.13.16, LinkedIn rolled out a significant update to LinkedIn Profiles.  I immediately got to work on rebuilding my header.  In the new LinkedIn format, the header stands out as much or more than any other part of a LinkedIn Profile. I suggest leveraging it.

This work consumed far more of my time than I anticipated in order to get my header to work correctly on a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Telephone screen.  Because this work is so difficult, I predict that most people will give up and not leverage this part of LinkedIn.

I can help you to set yourself apart from the crowd with a custom LinkedIn Header.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization Coaching Fees

LinkedIn Coaching + LinkedIn Header: $368.00


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