Maximize Your Sales


Self-Awareness through Personal Strengths Training

In order to solve your customers’ problems, you first need to possess crystal clear Self-Awareness to know what natural giftedness you have to bring to your customers’ problems. To effectively sell, you’ll need a mix of Strategic Thinking, Influencing, Relationship Building and Executing giftedness.

Leveraging the power of the CliftonStrengths™ Assessment, I’ll guide you to discover exactly and precisely how you are uniquely wired. Once you understand your unique giftedness at an academic level, I’ll guide you to understand the power of your giftedness, as well as the potential roadblocks.

Once you understand how you’re uniquely wired, we’ll work together to mature, polish, and fine-tune your giftedness, leaning it towards your responsibilities in asking, listening, influencing, selling and negotiating.

Emotional Intelligence Training

We’ll address how you see yourself and how you are coming across to others. To do this, we’ll leverage the power of the EQ-i 2.0™ Emotional Quotient assessment.

The first step is to discover a baseline for your current level of Emotional Intelligence skills. Your scores will be measured against 200+ senior executives whose Emotional Intelligence scores serve as a baseline for excellence.

Once we determine where gaps lie between your Emotional Intelligence scores and the scores of successful senior executives, we’ll be in a position to build a plan to execute against to raise any of your 15 Emotional Intelligence scores that need to be raised in order to improve your performance at work, at home and with friends.

Ask More…Tell Less…Training to Become a Trusted Advisor

Technology professionals are expected to be experts at breaking down complex topics into language and presentations that non-technical Stakeholders, Executive Management, and Boards of Directors can easily understand. This is easier said than done for most technology professionals.

As a technology sales professional, there is nothing more valuable that you can bring to any client than earning the status of Trusted Advisor to your client. I’ll show you how to blend your unique mix of Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing and Executing traits to create the best version of you that your clients will learn to deeply appreciate.

Trust is personal. We don’t know exactly why one-person trusts another, but I have a hunch. If the other person believes that you have their best interests at heart, you’re on your way to establishing a trusting relationship.

You’ll learn to not only ask more analytical questions. You’ll also learn to build empathy into your questions in order to find out what really makes your prospective client tick.

  • If you ask and listen to others, they’ll be more likely to listen to you.
  • If you take risks, you’ll encourage others to take risks with you.

When your clients and prospective clients can sense that your intent serves their best interests, they will be more willing to open their trust valve for you at least a little. If their experience is positive, they might be willing to risk a little more and a little more and so on.

With a focus on becoming a Trusted Advisor, I’ll guide you to learn how to build deep, authentic, meaningful, trusting relationships.

The Path to Improved Sales Performance

 Kick-Off Strategy Session: In this one-on-one session, we’ll map out our strategy for working together.  We’ll agree on objectives, timelines, and results to be achieved.

Training Results:

  • You’ll gain enhanced Personal Clarity, Personal Confidence and Strategic Direction for leveraging your unique giftedness towards increasing your Sales, Trusted Advisor and Business Development results.
  • Your “Soft Skills” will improve. You’ll understand why you do what you do and how what you do impacts those around you.
  • By bench-marking your current Emotional Intelligence against 200+ senior executives, we’ll identify areas of personal growth you should focus on in order to become the Problem Solving, Question Asking, Listening, Influencing, Selling, Negotiator you wish to become.
  • You’ll achieve accurate and balanced Self-Regard and Self-Awareness.
  • You’ll learn how to bring your Best Personal Performance to the surface and you’ll learn how to excel at whatever it is you choose to do while building a strategy to keep your weaknesses from getting in your way.
  • We’ll work to improve your ability to Present, Partner, Collaborate, Advise and Sell to both technical and non-technical Executives, Customers and Prospective Customers.
  • You’ll become a more effective Contributor, Team Member, Partner, Influencer, Change-Agent, Collaborator, Negotiator, Presenter, Trusted Advisor, and Sales Closer.


  •  You’ll purchase a CliftonStrengths™ assessment with the full 34 Strengths Report assessment to serve as the foundation of our Strengths Training sessions. 
  •  I’ll provide an EQ-I 2.0™ Emotional Quotient Inventory Assessment™ to give us a picture of where your Emotional Intelligence is today.
  •  After 6 months of Emotional Intelligence Training, I’ll provide a second EQ-I 2.0™ so we can see exactly and precisely where you’ve made progress and where progress might still need to be made.  This training is measurable and quantifiable.


  •  1-2 training meeting per week for 6 weeks to focus on your unique strengths. Homework between training sessions. Our frequency of meeting will depend on your preference for speed and pace.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training / Behavioral Change Training: 6-month duration with 2-3 personal training sessions per month depending on your preference for engagement frequency.  Homework between training sessions.

Bonus Sessions:

  • Because life is anything but predictable, I’ll give you 5, 30-minute emergency strategy sessions by telephone when you need help to work through a Strategy, Opportunity or a Pressing Challenge.