Who Is Jeff Snyder?

Jeff Snyder is a globally sought after talent expert, public speaker, business coach, career coach and leadership coach.  

Jeff lives through his unique Strengths that include:  Futuristic, Strategic, Activator, Maximizer, Relator, Command and Achiever.

Jeff is a life-long entrepreneur who loves to take risks and he enjoys nothing more than seeing his clients succeed.

Jeff rarely sits still!


Jeff Snyder's Professional, Educational and Certification Background

Education and experience

Jeff completed a BA in Marketing from the University of Kentucky. Since 1990, as a technology and executive recruiter, Jeff has placed and enhanced the careers of Information Technology, Information Security, Corporate Security, Risk Management, IT Audit, Compliance and Privacy professionals around the globe through SecurityRecruiter.com.  This work includes work at the CEO, CIO, CISO, CSO, CTO levels and more.

Significantly Connected

Jeff maintains one of the largest LinkedIn networks in the world with nearly 30,000 direct connections.  He writes most weekdays in the Security Recruiter Blog and the Jeff Snyder Coaching Blog.

Coaching Story and Credentials

Clients and job candidates challenged Jeff to provide coaching services.  He listened and responded by doing research with the business to find out what the business wants, needs and expects from technology and security professionals. Jeff learned about the gaps that commonly exist between technology professionals and what the business really wants, need and expects.

Jeff acquired training and certifications focused on coaching.  He then created Resume Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching and Personal Branding Coaching Coaching services to assist his clients with Personal Branding and Marketing.

At an even more strategic level, Jeff provides Career Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Strengths Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Behavioral Change Coaching Services services backed up by world-class training and certification from The Marshall Goldsmith Group, Executive Coaching University and Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

Jeff has traveled extensively to deliver Public Speaking.

Jeff Snyder Strengths

How Jeff Snyder Coaching Can Help You

  • Jeff Snyder is a deeply skilled Resume Writer.  He teaches his clients his proprietary Resume Writing Methodology that continues to open interview doors around the globe.

  • Jeff is a results-backed successful LinkedIn Coach who teaches his clients his LinkedIn Profile Optimization approached focused on helping his clients to drive more talent seeking traffic to their LinkedIn Profiles. 

  • Strengths Coaching is the means by which Jeff  helps his clients to discover how they can deliver their best performance.  This coaching results in Clarity, Confidence and Direction that many clients refer to as "Ah-Ha" moments and "Light Bulb Moments".

  • Jeff has been providing Interview Coaching to his clients and job search candidates since 1990.  When you hire Jeff as your Interview Coach, he'll teach you how to deliver a Clean, Clear and Logical interview that matches your Clean, Clear, Logical Resume and your Clean, Clear, Logically built LinkedIn Profile.

  • Changing Careers is not easy but it is entirely possible when you have a strategy.  Jeff provides Career Transition Coaching that eliminates the guess work out of moving from Point A to Point B. 

  • The topic of Emotional Intelligence is picking up momentum.  Jeff is certified and trained to administer one of the world's most widely used Emotional Intelligence Tests.  Jeff provides Emotional Intelligence Coaching that delivers results in the form of career advancement and relationship improvement.

  • Jeff provides Entrepreneur Training and Entrepreneur Coaching.  As an Entrepreneur himself, Jeff works as an Entrepreneur Coach to help Entrepreneurs and Would-Be Entrepreneurs discover how to build the most effective team around the Entrepreneur's unique personal strengths and abilities.

  • Starting with Strengths Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Jeff provides Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching that helps leaders to understand how to deliver their best performance while building a strategy around issues and behaviors that might have the potential to derail the leader.


Jeff's Clients Are Winners

“Until I sought to understand Emotional Intelligence and experienced the EQi-2.0 assessment with Jeff’s coaching, I would say that I was going through life not with blinders on but something similar to when my windshield wipers are unable to keep up with the rain collecting on my windshield. I have been successful and able to see clearly at times through the “windshield of life” even if life is pouring down on me. However, sometimes I pondered how is it that certain people are able to connect with so many people when sometimes I did not. The answer is Emotional Intelligence.”
— Director, Technical Account Management
You’ve helped me so much, it’s hard for me to express in words. It wasn’t until I started Emotional Intelligence coaching with you that I started seeing the world through other people’s eyes. This is the gift you’ve given me.
— Chief Information Security Officer
I find it very refreshing to have additional clarity into how I tick. It certainly helps me to make the most of my strengths while being aware of my weaker areas. Thanks for walking me through the process.
— Chief Operating Officer
Confidence Building Coaching

Jeff's Qualifications To Coach


What Jeff's Clients Have Achieved

  • Jeff's client's resumes have opened interview doors globally because they are clean, clear, logical and require no interpretation from the resume's audience.

  • Jeff's clients are visited more frequently and for the right reasons on LinkedIn.

  • Jeff's clients get great jobs such as CEO, CSO, CISO, CIO, COO, CTO and more!

  • Jeff's clients become better Managers and stronger Leaders as a result of taking on the challenge of strengthening their strengths and building strategies to manage their weaker traits.

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence leads to stronger relationships at work, at home and throughout life.

  • Jeff's clients approach the job market with increased confidence.  They know what they have the potential to be great at when they align their strengths with their chosen work.

  • Jeff's clients approach interviews with confidence.  They know their superior resume opened the interview door and positioned them ahead of their competitors.

  • Jeff's clients find clarity to make better career and life decisions.