Learn How To Create Your Best Performance

Through Personal Strengths Coaching


Coaching for Clarity, Confidence and Direction

This is you. I don't mean that you're a frog. What I mean is that as this particular frog is quite unique, so are you.

When you discover your uniqueness, you embrace your uniqueness and you learn how to leverage your uniqueness, that is when your confidence, outlook and results will change.

I'll show you how to stop settling for what you "Can" do so you can start choosing what you "Should" do.

You have potential to be "Great" at something. Let’s find out what that something is.

One of Jeff's coaching clients went beyond the word "gifting" to call what Jeff has a "calling".  

Whatever you want to call it, Jeff passionately loves to help his clients get from where they are to where they want to go and he's pretty darn good at leading the journey!

  • These services are for anyone at any point in their career who wants to learn how to become more effective at what they do. For some, this is career coaching.  For others, this coaching equates to finding Clarity, building Confidence and fine-tuning Direction.  
  • Decades of research has proven that when people align their work with their natural Strengths, they can reach peak performance.
  • This coaching starts with you taking a Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and continues on with 4 one-on-one personal coaching meetings.
  • In order to reach peak performance, you have to know your strengths, understand how your strengths operate and how your strengths impact other people.  Next, you have to choose to embrace your strengths in order to leverage them towards peak performance. Jeff will show you how to accomplish this!
  • $749 plus StrengthsFinder™ Assessment fees of $89.00

Testimonials, Transformations, Results

“Jeff has an uncanny ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and he pursues the best results possible in a focused, linear, deliberate, and authentic manner.

Simply put, Jeff is a brilliant and thoughtful, gifted strategist, and a true visionary in his field. What a class act!”
— Chief Executive Officer
It was great walking through the first part of my StrengthsFinder results with you. You have a special set of skills that allows me to digest and understand the results of my Strengths assessment in a way that I have not been able to before, even with the previous coaching I received.
— C Suite Executive
“Just spent my first hour on the phone with Jeff Snyder Coaching - motivational, inspirational, eye opening, validating, humbling, and completely NOT what I was anticipating for a first call! It was SO MUCH more! I came away with insights and pragmatic, practical, tools I can put into action in my work/relationships starting as early as today!

IF you are willing to go there, Jeff will provide you with the “code” and he’ll help you crack open the door to possibilities and the journey that lies ahead of you. BUT, ultimately, it’s up to you, to take that first step and then follow through with a commitment to taking action on the insights, resources, materials, and strategy that Jeff will place at your fingertips.

Jeff, Thanks for the investments you are making in people lives.

PS: If like me, you’re 50 plus with some insights on life, Jeff’s coaching will give you a whole new edge on leading the upcoming generation. We can all learn a thing or two.”
— Mark Scoular, Executive Director
Jeff Snyder is a very well qualified and no-nonsense kind of coach. If anyone that sees this post needs a professional coach with an objective view on how to become a better & more empowered human being; Jeff is the guy to call.
— Sam, 23 Year Old Millennial Real Estate Professional
I wanted to thank you for everything. Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. I’m so thankful for what you’ve done for me. It is extremely exciting to work with someone who knows what they are doing; and to have achieved results immediately, is mind-blowing.
— Technology Subject Matter Expert
This coaching experience has and continues to be an eye-opening journey.
— Director, Cyber Security and Risk
Jeff, what you have goes beyond gifting. Coaching is your Calling. You have to coach other people to maximize themselves. It’s in your DNA to do so. Not exercising your calling would be a crime.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Jeff’s true talent is Maximizing you into a polished diamond of success.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Working with you has been an eye-opener, and I’d like to continue.

You have built up MY sense of Confidence and I am eager to apply my traits to a career that would make use of them.
— Converged Security Leader
You, Sir, are a magician at assisting me in accessing and having confidence in my abilities based on my natural strengths.
— Cyber Security Consultant
Jeff, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for today’s session. I continue to get more “Ah Ha” moments as we process the StrenghtsFinder exercise.
— Risk Management Analyst
I wish I had know Jeff and had known about his Strenghts Based coaching before I put myself into a situation that isn’t ideal.

Fortunately, now I know precisely what I need to do and I thank Jeff for his guidance.
— -Technology Manager
I got to meet you last October. You’ve helped me so much. It’s hard for me to express in words.
— Chief Information Security Officer
Your coaching sessions helped me to get a number of opportunities that I could pick from.
— -Chief Information Security Officer
I was blown away by our hour-long discussion at ASIS and I am eagerly anticipating when you and I can get together on a more formal and regular basis.
— Global Manager, Corporate Security
Jeff’s coaching clarified my viewpoint and allowed me to objectively make what seemed like an insurmountable decision. Without his help, I doubt that I would have found needed closure.
— Director, Security
Jeff’s intuition combined with his wonderful and robust tool set is a powerful ally for individuals who are exploring their career direction.

I am fortunate to have Jeff on my side as I face the challenges of choices in today’s job market. He is a wonderful adviser.
— Homeland Security Executive
Strengths Coaching: Jeff, you were right. This is making more and more sense every time we talk. I can’t wait to get together again.
— Sales and Business Development Executive
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