• This career coaching service is for anyone who is trying to move from Point “A” to Point “B” in their career. Changing careers is entirely possible but is it very difficult and the effort requires a strategic plan. I can help you with Career Transition Coaching.
  • For example, if you are coming out of Law Enforcement, Military, or a Federal Agency and you write a resume about what you have been doing, your resume very likely will not align with the needs of the business you are trying to join. Your resume’s message, your LinkedIn profile’s message and your interview message must not only align, they need to speak in the language of the new audience you’re trying to join. This is likely not the way you write today. I can help you.
  • I have helped people who are transitioning from Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies and more to properly package and market themselves.  
  • Moving from the Public Sector to the Private Sector is a significant paradigm shift. Those who prepare themselves for the shift experience much better results when changing careers than those who do not.
  • Let’s discuss your unique needs so I can customize a solution for you. Call 719.686.8810.


I’m confident that I would not have even made it to the interview without your Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile writing sessions.

Your Strengths Coaching gave me the confidence in myself that I needed.

Your Interview Coaching sessions kept me focused and propelled me to the next round.
— Defense Intelligence Agent
Thanks for the great resume!
— U.S. Navy, Combat, Systems and Intelligence Officer
Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom around transitioning to the corporate world from my law enforcement career.

Your paradigm gave me a new way of thinking and a better way to make myself more marketable.

The first few minutes were worth the price of your coaching.
— Law Enforcement Officer
Thank you very much for the career transition coaching session today. I have to say I wasn’t fully sure of what to expect from this session and in fact, I was simply hoping to take a step forward in my pursuit of a new career.

The coaching session went above and beyond what I though was possible and left me with a new-found sense of confidence and a vision of what I need to do in order to move forward.

I look forward to making use of your advice and speaking with you again. I feel confident that a future now exists for me beyond law enforcement and I now have an idea of how to make it happen.
— Police Officer
Jeff gets my highest complements: he’s a straight-shooter; not afraid to say what needs to be said. For those seeking new careers in security, that kind of attitude is critical.

Jeff has been of enormous help to me in compiling resources to help senior-level security executives understand how to advance their careers.
— VP, Strategic Operations, ASIS International
Talking with Jeff about how to reconfigure my resume to match my professional skills, abilities, and goals was a revelation.

He opened my eyes to the many ways my existing resume was preventing people from understanding who I am and what I am capable of doing for them.

With his help, i now feel prepared to move forward with the next phase of my professional growth and development.
— Special Agent, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
Thank you so much for working with me on my resume. The value you’ve added is becoming increasingly clear.
— U.S. Air Force Captain
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