• Jeff has been assisting people with resume writing since 1990. In 2008, he turned his assistance into a proprietary resume writing methodology that has opened interview doors around the globe ever since. Don’t hire just any resume writer. Hire a resume writer or a resume coach who can show you results. 

  • Resume Reboot: a 1 hour phone call built around a sample resume that aligns with your skills. My sample resumes have all performed in the marketplace. In this phone call, I will teach you how to replicate the sample resumes, complete with my methodology and all of the formulas that make up the sample resume. Once we're finished with your resume, I'll teach you how to strategically build your LinkedIn presence to attract people who could open up interview doors for you.


  • One-on-One Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization Package with personal editing services





This service is for the person who is great at things other than writing a resume. Jeff will work with you one-on-one to teach you his proprietary resume writing methodology. You’ll meet with Jeff on a one-hour phone call designed to introduce you to Jeff’s methodology, strategies and formulas.

Following your call, you’ll go back to your drawing board to create your resume’s raw material. Once you have completed this task, Jeff will come alongside you as your personal resume editor. The resume draft that Jeff sends back to you will be 80–95% complete. You’ll work closely with Jeff to place the final touches on your new resume. He will stick with you until you reach the finish line.

After your new resume is complete, you’ll meet with Jeff via SKYPE or a phone call to learn Jeff’s proprietary strategy for building a LinkedIn Profile that will receive visits from your desired audience.

  • Jeff's Experience with linkedIn and linkedin profile optimization:

My LinkedIn Profile Writing service is only available when it is bundled with my Resume Writing Services. The reason for this decision is that a great LinkedIn profile that will achieve results like the ones shown below requires outstanding content that is then strategically placed. The only way I can be sure that my client has outstanding content is if we’ve first worked on their resume together based on my interview door opening methodology.

I’ve been a LinkedIn user since 2004. I formed many theories and made many predictions about what I thought LinkedIn might become. Many years later, I have one of the largest LinkedIn networks in the world and I’ve been leveraging it in my business for over a decade.

From my unique perspective as a Recruiter and an Internet Marketer, I’ll will show you how to build a LinkedIn profile that will be found by recruiting professionals and hiring decision makers. I’ll show you how to align your LinkedIn profile message with your resume message and also the message you intend to share when you interview.  

My clients who are implementing my strategies are experiencing success when leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool for their personal brands and career development.

I can help you to achieve LinkedIn results like these:




LinkedIn Social Selling.jpg
LinkedIn Social Selling Results.jpg
Social Selling Results.jpg




Your rank for profile views improved by 28% over the past 15 days.

Multiple recruiters reached out with jobs that were in line with my skills.
— Information Security Analyst

After you helped me to redesign my LinkedIn Profile, my views went up 50% from previous views.
— “C” Suite Executive

I am 5 for 5 on callbacks for the new resume. No job change yet but I am getting calls for higher level jobs. The new Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing investment was well worth it. Thanks for everything.
— Chief Information Security Officer

I originally contacted Jeff for help in re-writing my resume. His methods took my resume from mediocre and passable to being an incredible marketing tool for my skills and strengths.

He did such a good job as my resume writer and with my LinkedIn Profile Optimization that I have also taken advantage of his Strengths Coaching.

That has been a tremendous help and a huge eye-opener. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Snyder’s Coaching services.
— IT Service Delivery Manager

Just wanted to share this message from LinkedIn with you.

Your rank for profile views improved by 27% over the past 15 days. Thanks for your help!
— Vice President, Security Architecture


Resume Writing


Thanks for the great resume!
— U.S. Navy, Combat, Systems and Intelligence Officer
Jeff, it is due to your tutelage and resume guidance that I am now in a position that allows me to grow both professionally and personally.

My family life has been greatly enhanced with the position that I am now in, which in great part came from your guidance.
— Manager, Global Logistics Protection Services
After you helped me to redesign my resume, I started getting calls I wasn’t previously receiving. My previous resume went into a black hole.

After you helped me to redesign my LinkedIn Profile, my views went up 50% from previous views.

Most of all, now that I have taken the CliftonStrengths™ assessment and I’ve been coached by you to understand my top strengths, I can now with confidence, highlight my strengths during interviews. This sets me apart from other candidates.

I have encountered two corporate recruiters who told me that they subscribe to the CliftonStrengths™ methodology. They called me because I mentioned my strengths on my resume as you taught me to do.

I believe your unique research approach towards job descriptions has helped me to communicate to recruiters and hiring decision makers why I stand out as a candidate for their organization.

I anticipate that my next note to you will be one that tells you I have a great job offer.
— “C” Suite Executive
I have an interview next Tuesday based on the resume you just finished for me. I am amazed at your expertise and your understanding of how the industry works. You are amazing.
— Cyber Security Leader
Hi Jeff, just thought I would let you know that I was 5 for 5 on call backs on the new resume. Everything paid off as I started a new position a week ago. It is quite possible that I would not have gotten in without your coaching services. I truly believe your assistance put me ahead of the pack and gave me a competitive edge over others.
— Chief Information Security Officer
When I first decided to contact you about your resume writing services, my wife was certain that I was wasting money. She did not see why anybody would need such a service and felt that my resume was just fine as it was.

Well, I showed her the completed resume after you coached me. She was extremely impressed with how readable it was and how well it highlighted my strengths.

She said that she didn’t realize how ‘bad’ my old resume was until she had your greatly improved one to compare it to. Not only that, I have an interview on Friday! Thanks for all your help and work.
— Information Technology Manager
Unsolicited Kudos! Anyone in Information Security looking for help on their resume to get to the next level, I highly recommend Jeff. He is absolutely worth the investment.
— Senior Intelligence Director
Simply put, you changed my life!

Never before have I seen such an amazing resume writing methodology as your program and I am profoundly grateful.

After going through your process, my original resume looked confusing even to me.

Your resume writing methodology assisted me in creating a clear, clean and logical resume - incredible!

I am jubilant and very satisfied. I will return to you because there is another professional level I wish to move toward and need your assistance.
— Technology Leader
Thank you for getting my resume straight! I used your service and spoke to you on the phone for an hour last year. Your process works!

I applied for three jobs with your resume format, and got interviews for all three. On the third try I got the job listed below. Thank you for your help and guidance.
— Director, Physical Security, CPP
I may need to get a new cell phone number because I can’t get through the day without 5-6 calls lately about new opportunities...something about a well-crafted-resume I guess :)!
— Cyber Threat Analyst
In order to validate the money I spent on your services, I showed my family my old resume, which I was very proud of, and then showed them the resume you produced and formatted for me. They were in amazement!

My wife actually said she could not bear to read the resume I wrote because it was so overwhelming in the beginning...she understood nothing and did not want to continue reading past the first two paragraphs.

When she read your resume, she immediately said, YES, this gets my attention an it is so well formatted and worded that it draws you in and you cannot stop reading to find out more about me.
— Director, Information Security
I can’t believe how much better my new resume looks after your help. You are talented!

I am thankful that I was able to get your expert resume writing advice / resume coaching with my new resume. If I know of people looking for work, I will always recommend you.
— Vice President
My new CISO resume must be gold because I have an interview on Monday and we just finished the resume last week.
— Chief Information Security Officer
There is NO DENYING that your resumes work.
— Cyber Security Consultant
Your assistance in co-authoring my new resume was fantastic. The resume was uploaded to two online job boards and within the first 48 hours, I had accepted interviews with eight different organizations.

I never imagined that my job search would have too many options.

Your advice and resume building techniques on how to communicate more effectively were invaluable.

Potential employers as well as my non-technical colleagues can now easily understand what I do for a living and its impact. Thanks again for all of your support.
— Director, Information Security Services
Hi Jeff, This is Diane. Your advice on my resume led me to two interviews this week and three interviews next week. Thank you so much!
— Controller
Jeff’s resume writing methodology and reconstruction of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight.

And, it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%.

I am now confident in submitting my resume to potential employers.
— Technology Architect
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