Frequently Asked Questions

Jeff, What Qualifies you To Coach?

I've been in the search business since 1990.  In addition to my experience, I've gone out to the business, those people who are typically the customers of my coaching clients, and I've learned about what the business wants, needs and expects from technology and security professionals.  With this knowledge in hand, I created coaching services to fill the gap between what the business wants and what I generally see technology and security practitioners delivering.  Additionally, I have been trained and certified by some of the leading coaching minds in the world.  For Emotional Intelligence training and certification, I went to the company that owns the world's most frequently administered Emotional Intelligence assessment. 

Looking beyond certificates and certifications, my greatest qualification to coach comes from the fact that coaching aligns well with my natural strengths and the fact that I have a consistent track record of leading my clients to their desired results.

Jeff, where does your approach to coaching come from?

When I was encouraged to share my knowledge and experience through formal coaching, one of the first strategic moves I made was that of doing research with business leaders to find out what the business wants, needs and expects from people who will be promoted and advanced in their careers.  The business told me what it wanted, needed and expected.  With this end-game information in mind, I turned around and determined what that gaps were between where business and technology professionals were and where the business wanted them to be.  From there I searched the market for the best fitting assessments, training and coaching methodologies I could add to my coaching approach to help my clients move from where the are to where they want to go.

Who are your services for?

Our services are for Information Technology professionals, Information Security / Cyber Security, Corporate Security, Physical Security, Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriff, etc.) , Federal Agents (FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Service, EPA, US Marshall, etc.), Transitioning Military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, etc.) Compliance, Risk Management, IT Audit, and Entrepreneurs.

Are Your Services only for executives?

Absolutely not!. My Resume Coaching and LinkedIn Coaching services are for anybody.  The Strengths Coaching work I do is for anybody but it can be most valuable for someone who is early on in their career and is still making decisions about career direction.  The Emotional Intelligence / Behavioral Change coaching I offer is frequently delivered to senior managers and/or executives but this coaching can have the most impact possible when delivered to a Millennial aged professional.

Who IS your 1 Hour resume coaching service built for?

Anyone in any profession who is coachable, teachable and ready to learn.  If you're comfortable with your writing skills but you need help with a methodology for creating a clean, clear, logical resume that is written with the audience in mind, this service is for you.

Who is your full service resume writing service for?

This service is for anybody who knows that writing is their gift.  Jeff will teach you how to build your resume's content in a way that you've likely never thought to build it before.  This format will communicate clearly to all audiences you will put your resume in front of in the future.  

Why don't you share your sample resumes upfront?

When I first formalized my resume writing services back in 2008, I freely shared sample resumes with prospective clients before payment was made.  That was until my intellectual property was stolen several times.  Once I figured out that my property had been stolen, I stopped sharing sample resumes entirely.  I did this for the sake of protecting my intellectual property and for the sake of protecting the investment my resume writing clients had made in themselves, in me and in my proprietary methodologies.  There is a money back guarantee attached to my resume coaching services for anyone who is willing to invest in themselves.

Who is your LinkedIn Coaching and Custom LinkedIn Header-Building Service For?

This service is for anyone who has a professional profile on LinkedIn.  If you're on LinkedIn, you are making a first impression with those who visit you on LinkedIn whether you've thought about it or not.  I'll teach you how to build your LinkedIn profile from the standpoint of a recruiter so you will be found in the future by recruiters and hiring authorities.  This service works best when it is bundled with one of our resume coaching services.  A great LinkedIn profile has great content above all else.  You'll have this great content if we help you to build a new resume.

Jeff, What do you know about LinkedIn that qualifies you to coach around the topic?

                "You rank in the top 2% for profile views among your connections." June 10, 2015

As of June 10, 2015, this is where I currently rank out of my 29,300+ direct connections.  When I coach my clients on LinkedIn, most of them are in job search mode.  Their objective on LinkedIn is to be found be people who could hire them.  My last couple of clients have reported 27% and 28% increases in their LinkedIn visits with 1-2 weeks of making the changes I coached them to make. 

Jeff, Have You delivered Any Coaching Other Than What Is Listed ON This Website?

Yes, I have coached many people for a single hour at the rate of $259.  Here are a few examples.  

  1. From time-to-time, I'm approached by people who haven't interviewed in years.  They engage my services for an hour or two to assist them with interview coaching.  This coaching is highly customized for each client but I'll file it under the heading of Mock Interviewing.
  2. Not long ago, someone came to me with a very interesting proposition.  She (A Security Manager) was approached by a very successful DOT COM company that wanted to interview her based on a referral.  She had a casual lunch interview with members of this company.  She was then asked to write a job description she'd be willing to sign up for.  That's when she called me and bought an hour of my time to help her create a strong job description that she could sign up for.  She landed a job at a highly prominent and world-known social networking company as an Information Security Manager.  Pretty good ROI for a $259 investment.
  3. A Pre-Sales Engineer 1 Hour Resume Coaching Client came to me a while back asking if I could provide him with a list of companies and appropriate people for him to send his resume to unsolicited.  He landed a "dream job".  His $30,000 raise was a nice reward for making 2 x $259 investments with me.
  4. A Corporate Security Director recently called asking if we could provide him with an hour or two of highly focused research information. He wanted to conduct an unusual job search.  He knew the companies he wanted to target.  He simply needed to know who he should target.  We delivered this work after conducting 2 hours of research for our client.
  5. If you don't see a service you need, don't hesitate to call me.  If what you need is in my sweet spot and I can deliver a "great" result, I'll help you.  If I can't deliver a "great" result, I'll refer you to someone else if I can.

Jeff, What qualifies you to coach someone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or someone who is already an entrepreneur?

I've been starting businesses since I was 7 years old.  Among my Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths is a strength called "Maximizer".  It means that it is in my DNA to take "Good to Great".  Most entrepreneurs are great at something but they're not great at everything.  The sooner an entrepreneur can determine what they're wired to be great at and then learn to delegate the rest, the better off they'll be.  

The graphic below shows my Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder (EP10) results.  This is what came back to me from Gallup when they delivered my EP10 Report.

"CONGRATULATIONS JEFF! Your EP10 (Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder) results position you among the highest of all individuals who have completed the assessment."

Gallup®, StrengthsFinder®, Entrepreneurial Profile 10® EP10® Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

Gallup®, StrengthsFinder®, Entrepreneurial Profile 10® EP10® Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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