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  • You've made it past the gate keeper and you now have a Telephone Interview.  Phone Interviews cause many people to trip and fall.  Don't let this happen to you when I can help you to arrive confidently.  Learn to prepare to ace Phone Interviews.
  • For over 25 years, I have been serving job candidates as their Interview Coach.  Don't hesitate to get Interview Coaching.  Unless you've interviewed too often, you're not supposed to be an expert at interviewing.
  • Whether you are early in your career and you're not quite sure how to tackle an interview or you're transitioning from one career to another or you haven't interviewed in 20 years, I can help you.
  • There is nothing slick, fancy or gimmicky about this preparation.  While you can't anticipate everything an interviewer might throw at you, I'll show you how to do interview preparation. Showing up prepared means you are showing up with clarity, confidence and a strategic plan.
  • One hour of results-driven, focused interview coaching $259.00
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