How Old Is Too Old To Look For A Job?

At one of my recent speaking engagements, a woman came up to me and asked a question about searching or a job. Her question grabbed my attention and continues to stick with me.

         How old is too old to look for a job?

This question came to me from a woman whom I would guess to be in her 50s. I politely asked her what she thought the appropriate answer to the question was. She didn’t have an answer. 

I told her the correct answer was whatever she thought the correct answer was.  I wasn’t trying to be funny. There is no age when someone should stop thinking they can be productive. It’s up to the individual.

If you were to ask some of the guys I skate with who are in their 50s or 60s when someone should stop playing hockey, I suspect they would tell you when it’s time.  In these guy’s minds, the time to stop skating would be when they can no longer skate and not a moment sooner.

I’ve shared a testimonial recently from a 60+ year old career coaching client of mine.  I share this kind of information to let others know that success can be achieved at any age.  This 60+ year old client was having trouble getting interviews when he first approached me.  After opening his mind to coaching, his resume changed, his LinkedIn presence changed and his job search results changed for the better.

Don’t let anyone else tell you when you’re too old for something.  Decide for yourself!

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