You Are Unique: What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

Personal Branding


What are Your Gifts?

If you’re a gifted technologist for example, odds are pretty good that you’re not gifted in sales and marketing. This is not to say that a technologist is never gifted in sales and marketing but this skill mix is an anomaly rather than the norm.

Marketing and Packaging

When it comes to packaging and marketing yourself, if you can blend technical writing, business writing and a little bit of creative writing simultaneously, you’re in good shape.  However, if you are not sure how to blend technical writing, business writing and creative writing, this activity is probably not your gift.  You might want to seek help from someone who understands your giftedness and who also possesses the gift of writing, sales and marketing and has a results-filled track record.

First Impressions and Personal Branding

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you are making first impressions whether you’ve strategically thought about it or not.  LinkedIn offers a tremendous opportunity for personal brand building.  If you haven’t invested time to strategically build your personal brand on LinkedIn; consider doing so soon.

Consider this when you think about personal branding and how to package and market yourself. 

1.       LinkedIn and Resume Audience: Always build your Resume and your LinkedIn profile for the benefit of other people who make up your audience.  While your Resume and your LinkedIn profile are about you, they are not for you.  It is always someone in your audience who will be forming a first impression when they review your Resume or your LinkedIn profile for the first time.

2.      Align Your Communication: Be sure that the message on your Resume aligns with the message on your LinkedIn profile. Your audience may see your Resume first and then look you up on LinkedIn.  Or, a recruiter who is searching for your skill set may find you on LinkedIn and then ask for your resume.  These two modes of packaging and marketing your background should project the same message and a similar first impression.

3.      Clean, Clear and Logical: Write your resume in a clean, clear logical manner that can be visually scanned in a matter of seconds.  Because your resume is about you and not for you, it is important that your resume not require any interpretation from your audience.  You can apply these same ideas to the building of your LinkedIn Profile.

4.      Align Your LinkedIn Message, Resume and Interview Approach: Start with the end in mind.  If your purpose in building a resume is to get to the next step in your career, think about what message you need to project in order to attract the next step in your career.  What you plan to say in an interview should align with what you wrote on your Resume and the message you projected on LinkedIn.

No matter who you are, you have the potential to deliver a great performance.  Find out how you’re able to deliver your best performance and then build your personal brand around your unique giftedness.


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