My 1992 Placement Lasted 23 Years

This is a once in a lifetime story to share.  Twenty Three years into my recruiting career back in 1992, I filled an HP 3000 / COBOL Systems Analyst job.  The person who stepped into that job made the most of his opportunity  As it turns out, I planted a seed that turned into a substantial tree.

My placement lasted until June 1, 2015.  No, the person I placed was not still an HP3000 COBOL Systems Analyst.  He left the company I placed him in as an Executive Vice President who had an office next to the CEO’s office.

Though I physically moved 1,000 miles away from where I made this placement, the EVP and I have maintained a long-lasting relationship.  Because he hadn’t written a resume in 23 years, the EVP came to me to get help with his marketing and branding. Specifically, we've worked on Resume Coaching and LinkedIn Coaching together.

I helped the EVP to write a resume that clearly shows what he has been great at delivering over the past 23 years.  We also focused on where he wants to take his career next in his current resume.  Interviews are being granted and my EVP friend will soon land on his feet in a fresh new role.

Am I claiming responsibility for the EVP’s success?  No, I am not.  What is exciting is that I’ve had the privilege of planting a seed that grew.  That’s what I get to do when I place someone in a job and/or when I’m privileged to help someone with their career from a career coaching standpoint.

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