No Personal Clarity + No Personal Confidence = No Job Offer

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If you’re great at interviewing, you either have a natural gift or maybe you’ve interviewed too often and you have too much experience.  You’re not supposed to be an expert when it comes to interviewing.  In fact, I know many people who never face an actual interview until they are in their 40s or 50s.

Some people are just flat out lucky.  They move from one job to another based on someone pulling them from one job to another.  In this case, they are already know to the person who is inviting them to the next company and they never really have to interview to get their next job.

Not everybody is this lucky.  Whenever possible, I write about real live factual situations rather than theory or my own opinions.  This morning, an email came to me from one of my resume coaching clients.  The resume I taught this client how to build performed precisely the way it was built to perform.  The result of this client’s investment in my 1 Hour Resume Coaching was an interview within a week after building her new resume.

She just figured out that while a clean, clear, logical resume will open interview doors, the resume itself will not land anyone a job.  She was lucky to get this feedback from the employer that just rejected her as a candidate.

"You need to relax and trust in yourself more.  They sensed your tension at the front of the interview, and that will always be interpreted as a lack of confidence.  So my advice is to trust in the value that you bring, relax and enjoy the experience of an interview.  Think of it as a chat, and all will be well."

The good news here is that my client’s resume performed in the marketplace.  The resume opened interview doors.  The bad news is that my client is no as ready as she thought she was for the actual interview experience.  More good news is that she received very clear and direct feedback from her interviewer and she can now decide whether or not to take action on the advice she received.

If my client decides to take the next career coaching step to learn about her natural strengths and she embraces the natural strengths that are part of her DNA, she’ll behave differently in her next interview.  The clarity she’ll gain from understanding her talents and strengths will translate into confidence. 

When she finds clarity and her clarity turns into confidence, the perceived or real tension she brought to her last interview will disappear.  She’ll be able to enjoy the interview experience just like the interviewer told her to do in the feedback paragraph above.

My client does have a problem.  The good news is that this problem can be solved if my clients takes action.

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