ASIS Webinar Feedback for Jeff Snyder


After working with a group in Denver last week that was assembled to assist the Colorado Board of Education with future curriculum decisions and speaking to a large group of Colorado Springs ISSA members last week, my phone rang when I returned to my desk on Friday.

On the other end was the Communications Manager from ASIS International.  She was in a bind.  A webinar speaker she had scheduled for today had to back out last Friday.  My name was brought to the Communication Manager's attention as a possible webinar speaker.

Today the webinar event happened and I had a blast.  My part of the event involved covering topics that I work with every day as I fill information security jobs, corporate security jobs and cybersecurity jobs.

 If you missed the webinar that focused on career development and resume coaching, I'm always available through Jeff Snyder Coaching to assist you.  I teach my clients how to get from where they are to where they want to go and they have personal success.


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