When a Resume and LinkedIn Profile are Built Strategically, Big Things Can Happen



One Year Ago

Yesterday afternoon, a client who invested in Resume Coaching and LinkedIn Coaching with me a year or so ago called to talk about additional coaching.  He has a great problem that needs some attention.

Just over a year ago when this Cyber Security professional called me for the first time, he was in a good job that paid well.  After his Resume was rebuilt and his LinkedIn Profile was rebuilt, he landed a job at $153,000. 

Prepared When Opportunity Knocked

He wasn’t looking for another job so soon but he told me yesterday that his LinkedIn profile has been attracting 5-10 inquiries every week for the past year.  A start-up company reached out to him recently and offered  a job he couldn’t refuse at $200,000. 


The Cyber Security professional invested $409.00 with me one year ago to build a winning resume and a winning LinkedIn profile that are aligned and carrying the same message.  In a period of one year, the Cyber Security went from compensation in the low $100s to compensation exceeding $200,000.

When opportunity knocked, the Cyber Security professional was prepared.

Striving For Excellence

The problem my Cyber Security coaching client has today will turn into opportunity for him once we work together to get his Emotional Intelligence balanced so he can learn to behave like a $200,000 Vice President.  We'll accomplish this through Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

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