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If you’ve read my blogs for any length of time, you’ll know that one of my favorite personal Strengths is my Maximizer Strength.  This strength causes me to push for Great and to turn Good into Great all the time.  I love this Strength and I love pushing for great.

My Maximizer has been on overdrive as we’ve been working really hard to produce short videos for the first time.  I had to overcome a discomfort of sitting in front of a camera.  We had to do research to come up with the right lighting, the right sound options and the right video editing options.  The learning curve has been steep and has consumed many late nights and weekends. 

This is what entrepreneurs do.  If you’ve ever thought about how great it might be to be an entrepreneur, the lifestyle certainly does have advantages and positive moments.  Being an entrepreneur also means at times that you have to have the ability to be a Jack of Every Trade imaginable when nobody around you has the answer you need at the moment.

One afternoon, we shot video for several hours to get down to a half dozen 1 minute videos that I was comfortable putting on stage for the world to see.  I went from camera shy to feeling pretty good about this project until last night when someone I’m connected to on LinkedIn was kind enough to alert me to a problem.

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been uploading videos to Vimeo and YouTube.  Everything has worked as planed when the videos are viewed on a desktop computer or on an iPad.  However, when these videos are viewed on any telephone, Android or IOS, the sound does not work. 

If you’re a video guru and you can tell me what isn’t set right in the video camera, I’ll be in debt to you.  The problem isn’t with Vimeo or YouTube.  The problem isn’t the video editing software. I’ve used two different video editing software tools and have come up with the same bad mobile phone sound result.

The problem has to be some setting that we’re unaware of in the video camera itself. 

Don’t let me dissuade you from testing your entrepreneurial urge.  May I suggest that you first learn about your unique strengths to find out if you have strengths that would benefit you as an entrepreneur?  Then, you need to determine if you’re just a little bit crazy.  If you have the strengths and you’re a bit crazy, you might qualify as an entrepreneur.

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