Jeff, Are You a Career Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach or Something Else?

Jeff Snyder

Recently a technology professional came to me asking me what kind of coach I am.  That’s a great question and one I’m happy to answer.   I'm a coach who has a track record of success of helping my clients get from where they are to where they want to go.  

For some people, I’ve been a technology career coach.  For others, I’ve been a security career coach.  For some people I’ve served them as a Resume Coach or a LinkedIn Coach.  For others, I’ve helped them as a Strengths Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Coach.

For the most part, I’m skilled, trained and certified in multiple ways to help my clients get from where they are to where they want to go.  When I built my coaching programs from the ground up, I started with the end in mind.

I went to business leaders and asked them what they needed in people coming up behind them.  I went to the subordinates of business leaders to find out exactly and precisely what they wanted, needed and expected in someone they would submit to and follow as a leader.’

With this information in hand, I either got busy creating methodologies attached to solutions to solve the problems I already knew how to solve or I surveyed the marketplace to find what I consider to be “best in class” tools and assessments to assist me in helping myclients. 

More than training and certification, many of my coaching clients would tell you that I am “gifted” to coach.  Here’s specifically what a few of them have shared on

Coaching Gift

There are two things I'll guarantee to any of my coaching clients.

  1. I will do everything in my power to lead my coaching clients to their desired results.
  2. I will never take on a coaching assignment where I do not have the expertise to provide value.

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