Stronger Emotional Intelligence Can Take Your Career To The Next Level

The beginning of March started in a great way for me.  My first call of the day was an Emotional Intelligence Coaching call.

What I’m most excited about with this particular client is that he is in his early 30s.  Emotional Intelligence generally begins developing in a person’s 20s.  It develops significantly in one’s 30s and 40s and tops off somewhere in the 50s for most people.

This client is already extremely successful by most people’s measuring sticks.  What got him to his current high level of success is a very high IQ (his cognitive skills).  Basically, he has gotten to where he is today by finding ways to leverage his analytical skills and his raw intelligence.

My client's new role requires him to do less heads-down engineering work and more collaboration with people. What we started working on today is another part of his brain that hasn’t been exercised much at all.

Psychological research shows that IQ is generally responsible for 10% or less of most people’s overall success.  In some cases, that number can rise to 20% but it is generally 10% or less.

We'll be working together to develop skills that will cause my client  to be more effective when he works with other people. His IQ giftedness won’t go away.  What he’ll have as we work to essentially build new muscles is a more balanced approach to business, to people and to relationships.

Jeff Snyder Emotional Intelligence Coaching, 719.686.8810

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