Is the Futuristic Talent one of your top Talents or Strengths?


People who are strong in the Clifton StrengthsFinder Futuristic talent are inspired by what they envision being just down the road. Futuristic people can inspire those around them when they share their visions of what could be in the future.

People who possess the Futuristic talent have the ability to see what is around the corner. They can often see what’s ahead in ways that other people cannot see. 

The Futuristic talent enables those who have it to spot trends. People who have this talent can often see what’s just beyond the horizon.

Another word for Futuristic is Visionary. Companies look for vision in candidates when they hire to fill leadership roles.

You can find out how you're uniquely wired and you can learn how to turn your unique set of talents into strengths!


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