Why Won’t They Interview Me?


The email in my Inbox read like this.

“Unfortunately, to my surprise, I have had very little luck”

 What this quote refers to is the lack of interview opportunities a job seeker is receiving when he sends his resume.  I reviewed the job seeker’s approach and I know precisely why he isn’t having success.  When I reviewed this person’s resume, I could not figure out what he was great at, what he had accomplished, what his contributions were and how he added value to his past employers in a matter of seconds.

According to research from www.theladders.com, the amount of time resume reviewers invest into reviewing resumes before forming a first impression of the candidate connected to the resume is down to 6 seconds.

There is very little time to form a first impression when sending a resume.  There is very little time to register a first impression when someone opens and reviews your LinkedIn profile.  Investing time to ensure that the first impressions you’re making are your best impressions could mean the difference between getting on the interview stage or not.

When my clients interview, more often than not, they’re interviewing for 6 figure positions.  If a person is sitting at $120,000 today and they have an opportunity to interview for a position at $130,000, it makes sense for that person to do everything possible to be sure they’re registering the best first impression they can register.

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