Entrepreneurial Risk Taking

Today is a Day That Will Change My Business

For a long time, I've wanted to deliver high value content loaded webinars.  A very real technology setback held me back.  Today, my problem disappeared.  Check out the before photo showing CenturyLink DSL download and upload speed.  I use the term "Speed" very loosely. 

CenturyLink Broadband

Can you imagine why I'm feeling like a kid in a candy shop?  This is almost as good as a knee deep day of powder skiing or flying down a mountain trail at 40 mph on my mountain bike.

Peak Internet Broadband

Look out world. I'm about to do things that have been restricted to my white board for a couple of years. 

One more thought.  Without the entrepreneurial risk taking venture of Jayson Baker, Founder of Peak Internet, we'd still be stuck with the absolutely horrible service provided by CenturyLink.

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