Is the Input Strength one of Your Top Strengths?



In the world of the Clifton StrengthsFinder from Gallup, there is a strength called Input. People who have this particular strength love to collect and archive information.

They are highly inquisitive people who always want to know more.  They can never know enough!  This type of person enjoys being a resource for others.  They enjoy helping others.  They are often seen as people who know something about a lot of things.

If they don’t immediately know the answer, chances are good that they saved a resource such as a blog post or an article that they can turn to in their organized collection to get to the answer.

For this person to reach their full potential with the Input strength, it would be a good idea if they were to partner with someone who possesses the Discipline strength in order to keep the Input person focused.

You can find out how you’re uniquely wired and you can learn how to turn your unique set of strengths into leverage that comes out in your personal power!

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