Making Someone's Day

It’s Really Easy to Make Someone’s Day...Someone Just Made My Day!


Do you ever approach your day thinking about whose day you can improve and how you might go about improving someone else’s day?

I do this all the time.  I’m not here to tell you what I do or how I do it but I can tell you without any doubt that it is very easy to make someone’s day and it often takes little to no effort.

Just a few minutes ago, someone tagged me in a post they made on Facebook.  The person who tagged me had open heart surgery this time last year.  Here’s what he took the time to share with his friends and colleagues about me.

Jeff Snyder who even though he only knew me through Facebook called me several times to encourage me and the day before to walk me through the procedure I was about to go through…he helped more than he could ever know!”

I share this with you today to let you know that Jesse made my day and it didn’t take much effort on his part.  It’s often this simple to provide someone else with the lift that you may or may not know they needed.  I’m actually having a good day and in just a couple of hours, I’ll get to ride my mountain bike if the rain holds off.  That would make my day even better.

What Jesse doesn’t yet know is that his choice to include me in his public message positively impacted my day and gave me a little fuel in my tank to keep doing what I’ve done in the past.

Whose day can you lift up today, tomorrow and the next day?

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