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The Importance of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement


The other day I shared an article from the Harvard Business Review.  The article title was “The Dark Side of High Employee Engagement”. 

Since I shared the Harvard Business Review article, it should be mentioned that Gallup’s continuous research on employee engagement in the United States shows that employee engagement hovers around +-31%. 

That means that +-69% of people who go to work every day in the United States are not engaged in the work they’re doing.

While the Harvard Business Review article brought up some interesting points, I don’t think there is a significant risk in most companies of seeing employee engagement becoming too high any time soon.

What Can Higher Employee Engagement Produce?

·        Increased Employee Job Satisfaction

·        Employee Retention

·        Greater Profits

·        Lower Stress

·        Happier Customers

·        Fewer Safety Incidents

·        Higher Quality Output

·        And More


For the time being, I’ll continue to focus on helping my clients to determine how they can produce their best performance by aligning their unique natural strengths with the work they choose to do.  There are plenty of people who are still trying to figure out what they were built to do well. 


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