Can You Explain What I’ll Get from Your 1 Hour Resume Coaching Service?

This question recently came to me from someone who was consider hiring a coach to help them with their resume.

Can You Explain What I’ll Get from Your 1 Hour Resume Coaching Service?

Yes I can.  I have been assisting all kinds of people with resumes since 1990 when I started in the recruiting business.  In 2008, after seeing tens of thousands of resumes for 18 years, I decided to turn what I had been doing on a pro-bono basis into part of my business.

When Writing Isn't Your Gift

I started out with a service that I still occasionally deliver.  That service is what I call my Full Resume Writing Service found on  This service is for a client who comes to me and tells me that writing just isn’t their gift.  In this case, I teach my client how to do what they need to do and I also stick with this client until their resume is complete.  I become their editor.

The Wall Street "C" Level Executive

A few years ago, a “C” level executive on Wall Street came to me and told me that he was totally comfortable with his writing skills. He had an English undergraduate degree.  He told me that he had been following my articles and blogs for quite a while and that he was convinced that I was sitting on some kind of “secret sauce” as he called it. 

The "Secret Sauce"

He asked me if he could pay me for an hour of my time in exchange for me exposing him to my “secret sauce”.  I agreed to do this and at the end of the 1 hour phone call, my client was completely satisfied and I was energized.  This experience prompted me to turn this 1 hour phone call into what I now refer to as my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service.

1 Hour Resume Coaching

This one hour call is built around a sample resume from my portfolio or 20 or so sample resumes.  I use the sample resume in order to teach my client how to build their resume following the same game-changing methodology that was used to build the sample resume.

When I say game changing, I’m suggesting that my resume clients all around the globe have opened interview doors with their new resumes where in many cases, their old resume wasn’t leading them to desired result.

When I’m working with a client who is teachable and coachable, in one hour, I have figured out how to transfer over 25 years of my experience combined with the research I did in 2008 to build my proprietary resume writing methodology to my client’s mind.  This means that after 1 hour, my client can build their new resume based on the methodology that has been producing results around the globe since 2008.

The Methodology

While this methodology of mine was originally built for technology professionals, I have recently coached people across a half dozen skill domains and they’ve all had success when applying my methodology to their resume. My methodology came together from information I obtained from an audience of people who commonly make decisions based on resumes. Then I mixed in my own experience and the result was a resume building approach that is based entirely on the audience of people who will receive one of my client’s resumes.

My proprietary resume writing methodology is built on the following foundational ideas:

  • A resume should be built to play nicely with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • It should be possible to visually scan a resume in 10-15 seconds in order to process a decision
  • A resume should strategically communicate what the resume owner is great at during the 10-15 second visual scan
  • A resume should be built in bite sized pieces to accommodate the way human beings have been conditioned to receive information in the 21st century
  • A resume must be clean, clear and logically written based on the way resume reviewers logically look for information in order to process a decision.
  • A resume should communicate Accomplishments, Contributions and the Value that matters to the business
  • A resume should be mobile friendly
  • A resume should never require someone in the resume’s audience to have to interpret what they see in the resume


Finally, most resumes require a mix of business writing, technical writing and a little bit of strategically leveraged creative writing.  Writing in this manner is a gift that not everybody possesses. It is for these reasons that I created my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service. 

There is nothing I enjoy more than when I get to help my clients win! This service represents one of the many ways in which I get to help my clients to win.

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