Why You Should Hire Jeff Snyder for Coaching


“While you might hire a personal trainer for strengths coaching in the gym, you need to look no further than Jeff Snyder if you need a coach that can enlighten and stretch your mind.  I would go so far as to say that Jeff’s approach to Strengths Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching makes him a trainer for the mind. 

He finds the right balance between listening to my needs and ideas and sharing what’s on his mind.  He has helped me with my “Personal Branding” as he calls it.  He taught me how to build a resume that has not only resulted in me getting interviews but the process that Jeff walked me through also built my personal confidence.  He then showed me how to build my LinkedIn profile so recruiters just like him can now more easily find me among the 400,000 people who are now part of the LinkedIn network.

In addition to Jeff’s formal training and certification to coach, his unique personal strengths, his life experience, his business experience, sports experience, entrepreneurial risk-taking experience and overcoming big-time adversity experience produces what seems like a never-ending well of ideas and perspectives that has helped me more than I can put into words.  If you need help to move your career forward or if you need help to determine whether or not to start your own business, call Jeff and let him coach you.”   Operations Executive

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