A Job Seeker's Question Regarding LinkedIn Coaching


Q: I have a Phd in optical sciences and I would like to have a support in building my profile for apply to specialized companies. Do you offer this kind of support? 


Thank you for your message.  I can definitely help you.  Would you mind sending your resume so I can see how you are packaging and presenting yourself in that regard?

The most effective way my clients have found to leverage LinkedIn is to first create outstanding resume content and then to align their LinkedIn presence with their resume.

 Here is an example.  I hope my analogies make sense.

  •  Think of LinkedIn as the “Cliff Notes”
  • Think of your resume as the “First Chapter” of the book
  • Think of your phone interview or face-to-face interview as the opportunity to walk the interviewer through your entire book.

Getting your Resume Message, LinkedIn Message and Interview Message aligned is where you’ll find success.


 PS:  I’ve just accepted my next speaking engagement with a group of 500 technology professionals.  I’ve been asked to speak on leveraging LinkedIn as a personal marketing platform.  I’ve been developing my LinkedIn strategies and philosophy since I firset joined LinkedIn back in 2004.

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