Are You Prepared For Where Your Journey May Take You?


Every once in a while a blog just falls into my lap.  Today is one of those days.  

I assisted the person who wrote what you're about to read as a testimonial with his resume a couple of years ago.  To me, the event of helping this person with his resume was like planting a seed. When I am fortunate to hear from my coaching clients to learn about the experiences they've had after completing coaching work with me, I get to actually see the results of the seeds that are planted when we first met to do coaching work together.  This feedback makes my day!

"Hi Jeff, I just read your article "Perfect Answers to the Most Important Interview Questions" and I have to say, it was spot on. I recently got a job in healthcare after a long career in publishing. After hearing countless times in interviews "well you don't have experience in this industry..." I had enough. In this interview I was told that while my resume is great (thanks to you!) they were interviewing other candidates with good experience in healthcare.

I say, yes, you are correct. I don't have healthcare experience, but at one point I had no experience with PCI or Security for that matter. Don't hire me or anyone else based on what they have done in the past. Hire someone based on the potential that they have. And I got the job.

Six months later, I have to say, it really didn't matter at all that I had no HIPAA experience. It's all different jargon to achieve the same goal; protect the data."


The career journey you're on will likely not be a straight line.  You'll travel a path that presents twists and turns.  You'll find yourself having to make right turns, left turns and occasionally backward steps before you can move forward properly.  

In Steve's case, he invested in himself to get help with his resume.  Writing a resume was not Steve's greatest gift but I can tell you that he is a rock star when it comes to building information security programs that work.

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