How to Test Your Resume’s Effectiveness


Put your resume in front of a few people who don’t know what you do. 

Tell the reviewer they have 10-15 seconds to review your resume.

This test is most effective if the reviewer does not understand what you do for a living.  

Your resume should be so clean, clear, logical that the reviewer does not need to interpret anything in order to capture a basic understanding of what you do.

After 10-15 seconds, your resume reviewers should be able to tell you:

  • What you do
  • What you’re great at delivering
  • What you’re passionate about
  • What you want to do more of moving forward in your career
  • How you’re educated and credentialed
  • What you’re doing today

In this test, if your resume reviewers can’t answer address the topics listed above, chances are very high that a busy, data-overwhelmed gatekeeper who receives your resume won’t be able to gather the information they need to make a decision regarding your candidacy in the time they have allotted to review a resume.

If your resume happens to get to the hiring decision maker, it’s safe for you to assume that they are data-overwhelmed and too busy to give your resume the kind of attention you want them to devote to your resume.  If the first impression your resume makes isn't the right impression and that impression isn't made in a matter of seconds, your participation in the job seeker game is frequently over.

The results listed above are achievable.

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