Is the Self-Assurance Strength One of Your Top Strengths?


Self-Assurance is a Clifton StrengthsFinder theme.  It is one of 34 themes that each one of us has but we have each theme in a different order than the person next to us.  When a theme appears at or near the top of someone’s theme list, it might be one of their Strengths.

People who possess the strength of Self-Assurance are generally confident in their own abilities.  They possess a high internal confidence telling them that their decisions are the right decisions.  People who possess high Self-Assurance are generally confident that they can take risks and that the risks they take will result in delivery.

It’s not just self-confidence that this person possesses.  They also tend to have high confidence in their own judgment. 

Self-Assurance is a Strength that the Clifton StrengthsFinder places in an “Influencing” category.  The person who possesses this strength can often lead the way.  They can instill confidence in people around them.

You can find out how you’re uniquely wired and you can learn how to turn your unique set of strengths into leverage that comes out in your personal power!

Jeff Snyder Coaching

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