You Are Built to Be Great at Something…Find out What Your Something Is

Strengths Coaching


The more opportunities I get to introduce my coaching clients to their natural Strengths as their Strengths Coach, the more I’m convinced that everyone is capable of producing some kind of greatness.

Whether you aspire to be a great nurse, a great doctor, a great auto mechanic, a great teacher, a great CISO or great at something else, everyone has potential to be great at something. The key is to learn about your natural Strengths, to embrace your natural Strengths and then to apply your unique Strengths to activities where you’ll be capable of delivering a Great performance. 

This is the journey I’m fortunate to take my coaching clients on when they hire me for Strengths Coaching.     

A Great performance will be satisfying to you and appreciated by those around you who get to benefit from your performance.  It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

One of my current coaching clients has everything he needs in terms of top Strengths to become a great manager and ultimately a great leader.  Like most people, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Sure, he has had experiences that he has enjoyed and experiences that he has tolerated.  However, until yesterday, he didn’t know exactly why he enjoyed certain activities and tolerated other activities.  Now he knows and now he’s in a position to make clearer decisions.

What makes this rising star stand out from the crowd is that despite not knowing what he doesn’t know, he has stepped out of his comfort zone to find out what he doesn’t know.  This is what most people will not do. Light bulbs lit up in yesterday’s Strengths Coaching conversation as John began to learn what needs to work with in terms of his natural strengths. 

Once John learns about his Strengths, he can then choose whether or not to embrace his strengths.  If he chooses to embrace his Strengths (and I’m confident that he will), he is then in a position to learn how to leverage his Strengths into a Great performance.

Gallup research for the past 15 years suggests that +-70% of the U.S. Workforce is disengaged in their yearly surveys.  That leaves only +-30% of the U.S.  Workforce that qualifies as engaged when they go to work.

If you’re ready to find Engagement in your work, Satisfaction in your work and you’re ready to discover how you too can produce a Great performance, call me at 719.686.8810.

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