My Resume Is Good Enough Isn't It?

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Isn’t My Resume Good Enough?

The retired U.S. Government Agent called and told me about an interview process he was fortunate to have made it into. He was amazed when he learned how much competition his resume faced.

The senior executive at the hiring company who was conducting interviews told the retired government agent that his was the last resume the company chose to pursue. 

“You’re lucky to be sitting here today” the senior executive hiring decision maker said to the retired government agent. The Fortune 100 Company selected only 10 resumes out of 200 that landed in their human resource Inbox to seriously review. 

The other 190 resumes continued their journey to the abyss.  That place where resumes go to die.

Isn’t My Resume Good Enough?  It Depends On the Results You Desire

Are you in it to win it or are you content to just play the game?

Are you content for your resume to be part of the 190 resumes that didn’t see the light of day in this example?  If you are, then your resume is probably good enough.

Do you want your resume to land in the group of 10 resumes that were singled out and reviewed?  If this is your desire then “good enough” won’t cut it. 

The most qualified candidate always gets the job…don’t they?

There’s a pretty strong chance that amongst the 190 resumes that were passed over, that there were at least a hand-full of very strong candidates.  Candidates who were even better candidates than the 10 candidates who were chosen because they presented the best resumes.

Why didn’t all of the best candidates get interviews?  The best candidates in this situation were not necessarily great at writing, packaging and branding. 

Isn’t My Resume Good Enough?

If you want to compete for the best jobs, you’ll have competition.  You won’t always have 200 people to compete against but you’ll likely have competition of some kind.

When you send your resume, are you in it to win it or are you content to just play the game?

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