Cost Versus Value and Results…How Are You Thinking?

Resume Writing Service

The Incoming Email:

"Was inquiring about your overall cost for a resume from your company for a mid-level Security Manager?"

This question pushed a button in my thinker

  • Is the person who asked this question focused on the right topic?
  • Is this really the right question to ask? 
  • Is there a better question that could have been asked first before asking about price?

The Incoming LinkedIn Inquiry:

"Would you be able to take a look at a CV/Resume, and give me your thoughts / feedback?  I’d also like to understand what you could potentially do to help me…:-)"

This person is in need of the same assistance as the person who sent an email.  His approach was quite different.

Here’s What I Think

  • If blending technical writing, business writing and creative writing isn’t your gift, get help.
  • If you’re sending out resumes and not getting desired results, get help.
  • If you're targeting a specific move in your career and you don't want to risk wasting opportunities to make your first impressions count, get help.
  • If you’re even slightly uncertain about the quality of your resume’s strategy, get help.
  • You may not know what you do not know.

How To Spot A Great Resume Writing Solution

  • If you’re going to look for resume writing help, look for a resume writing service that has delivered results to past clients.  The only purpose of a resume is to create a positive first impression and then to generate and open interview doors.  That’s what you should look for in terms of results.
  • Look for a resume coach who intimately understands what you do.
  • Look for a resume coach who has invested time to find out exactly and precisely what your resume’s audience wants, needs and expects to see in a resume.
  • Look for a resume coach who is skilled in helping people like you to interpret what you do into language that your resume’s audience can understand with ease. Your resume's audience should not have to interpret your resume.
  • After you’ve found everything mentioned above, consider the value of what you’ve found.  If the resume writing service puts you in a position to interview for a job that might pay you $5,000 or $10,000 or $15,000 more than what you’re earning today, what is the value of the service?
  • For many people, they shouldn't even be concerned about money. They should be focused on finding a job that better aligns to their strengths.  If a new resume could help you to capture an interview for your dream job, what is the value of that service?

Jeff Snyder Coaching

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