Stop The Insanity

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"I have a two page resume and just had it professionally written.  It has been 11 months and only two interviews with no luck.  I have submitted literally hundreds of on-line applications with not one hit."



Stop What You Might Ask?

Stop hiring "Professional Resume Writers" just because they label themselves that way.  

Look for this:

  • Results: Not how much money the resume writer has made selling their services but how much success the resume writer's clients have had in the marketplace. This is the way to measure a resume writing service's value.

  • Methodology: Is the resume writer delivering 1980s or 1990s resumes because that's all they know?  Stop hiring these people if they haven't gone to the business recently to find out what the business wants in a resume. Times have changed.  Therefore, the methodology behind creating a resume should have changed too.

  • The Clock Is On:  If your resume can't be reviewed successfully in 10-15 seconds by a decision maker, your participation in the game could very well be over.

  • Visual Scan: If your resume can't be visually scanned from top-to-bottom in a matter of seconds; game over.  Resume reviewers are extremely busy and data-overwhelmed people.  They are much more likely to visually scan your resume upon first glance than to read your resume.  If your resume does not scan well, it likely not be read at all.

  • Applicant Tracking Systems:  If a resume writer does not have or has never seen the inner-workings of an Applicant Tracking System, run away.  Your resume will be stopped at the gate if it does not play nicely with an Applicant Tracking System.

  • Pretty Resumes: Pretty resumes are not necessarily effective resumes.  As a resume reviewer, I'd rather see a text resume that clearly demonstrates Accomplishments, Contributions and Value than to see a pretty PDF formatted resume that is loaded with fancy fonts, boxes and symbols that don't play nicely with my Applicant Tracking System.  Don't be fooled by pretty.

  • Audience: If the resume writer does not intimately understand your professional audience, run away.  Your resume is about you but it is for someone else 100% of the time.  Your resume must be written for it's audience to understand with ease.

  • Interpretation: The more technical your skill set is, the more likely it is that you have built a resume that requires the audience to interpret.  Stop it!  The burden of interpretation should rest on your shoulders.  Your audience should be positioned to enjoy the journey of getting to know you without having a dictionary handy.

  • Mobile Friendly: Hiring authorities often travel.  If your resume does not display clearly on a mobile device; game over.  Your resume might be reviewed by a hiring authority while they are sitting at the airport when they review your resume.

  • Clean, Clear and Logical: Your resume should be built to match up with the order in which a hiring decision maker is looking for information. In order to understand this, a resume writer either had to be a hiring decision maker or they have to have worked with decision makers over an extended period of time to understand their thought process when they review resumes.

  • Resume and LinkedIn: Is the resume writer telling you about the importance of aligning your resume's message with the message you're sharing on your LinkedIn profile. If they're not, they should be. You are being visited on LinkedIn whether you know it or not. Make your visitor's first impression count.

  • Results (2): Opinions are great.  Everyone has an opinion.  Look for a resume writer who delivers results that matter to you. Be sure your resume writer's approach to writing resumes is built on prior results and not just an opinion.  Make sure the resume writer you hire tells you what you need to know and not just what you want to hear.

Happy Competing!

Jeff Snyder Coaching

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Jeff Snyder's Resume Writing Services…Coaching Security towards a Profession

Jeff Snyder

The Opinion

I’ll make this quick but I seriously want to make a point.  I just ran into a conflict with a CISO who suggested that my prices were too high.  While he’s entitled to his opinion, so am I.  

I think the CISO’s thought process is small and he isn’t thinking like a business executive. 

CISOs should walk, talk and act like business executives.

I won’t do anything to identify this person but I have to guess that he is making 6 figures.

It Started In 2008

In 2008, I created resume writing services at $599.00.  If you do homework, you’ll find that there are many services out there above $599.00 and they’re not worth a fraction of my services.  I have results to prove my statement and loads of references to back up my statement.

The $259.00 Solution

Two years ago, I figured out a way to adjust my resume writing service so it could be delivered at a lower price point of $259.00.  This service is priced to serve more people and it has been extremely successful all around the globe.

Maybe you don’t need this service right now.  Maybe you’ll never need this service. I respect that.

If you ever do look for a resume writing coach, do yourself a favor and don’t be penny wise and pound foolish when you make your decision.  I’ve helped many people who have hired “professional resume writers” to write their resumes but they didn’t get results.  After they’ve worked with me, they’ve gotten results.  

if you ever hire me, you're making an in yourself.  I take that seriously.  I deliver results.

What to Look For in a Resume Coach

  • A coach who has experience in your field of work and doesn’t try to make you adapt to only what they understand
  • A coach who has done homework with your customer to determine what your customer wants to see on a resume
  • A coach who has a proprietary methodology built from the ground up based on what the customer asked for
  • A coach who delivers results and has references
  • A coach who will give your money back if you are not satisfied
  • A coach who isn’t stuck in their 1900s way of thinking
  • A coach who is always looking for ways to improve their service for the good of their clients
  • A coach who is gifted to coach and has a track record of results


This kind of coach by the way should be charging far more than $259.00 or eve $599.00.  The coach who matches the description above is trying to serve as many people possible to push the security skill set to a point where it is considered a security profession.


Jeff Snyder Coaching, 719.686.8810

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Why You Should Hire Jeff Snyder for Coaching


“While you might hire a personal trainer for strengths coaching in the gym, you need to look no further than Jeff Snyder if you need a coach that can enlighten and stretch your mind.  I would go so far as to say that Jeff’s approach to Strengths Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching makes him a trainer for the mind. 

He finds the right balance between listening to my needs and ideas and sharing what’s on his mind.  He has helped me with my “Personal Branding” as he calls it.  He taught me how to build a resume that has not only resulted in me getting interviews but the process that Jeff walked me through also built my personal confidence.  He then showed me how to build my LinkedIn profile so recruiters just like him can now more easily find me among the 400,000 people who are now part of the LinkedIn network.

In addition to Jeff’s formal training and certification to coach, his unique personal strengths, his life experience, his business experience, sports experience, entrepreneurial risk-taking experience and overcoming big-time adversity experience produces what seems like a never-ending well of ideas and perspectives that has helped me more than I can put into words.  If you need help to move your career forward or if you need help to determine whether or not to start your own business, call Jeff and let him coach you.”   Operations Executive

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