Effective Leadership Is Easy To Spot...

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  • Trust from the leader’s followers is clearly evident.
  • They consistently operate with integrity that others can count on.
  • They speak and followers know they can trust what they hear because of a past connection of words and actions by the leader.
  • They possess the ability to see down the road in order to guide decision making in line with what the future might present.
  • Humility takes place of arrogance and comes across to others as healthy confidence.
  • Their positive influence is felt by people below them, across from them and above them.
  • They can briefly step into someone else’s shoes to consider the other person’s point of view.
  • They let others contribute and they let others win even when they already have the answer.
  • They are invited to share their expertise and they don’t push their expertise on people who didn’t ask to hear about their expertise.
  • Others feel this person is looking out for their best interests.
  • Credit, appreciation and acknowledgement is given where credit, appreciation and acknowledgement is due.
  • They possess enough impulse control to know when to speak and when to remain silent.
  • They have the fortitude to stand up for what they believe in.
  • They leave the presence of a person or a group of people and those who are left behind are inspired to take action.
  • Others want to be a part of this person’s team, effort or mission.
  • Others want this person to be their mentor or coach.
  • They listen in order to understand and to consider what they’ve just heard.
  • They are unwilling to let themselves fail, but take others with them into success.

 The traits mentioned above are largely a result of having healthy Emotional Intelligence.

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How do People Feel When They're on the Other Side of You?


What's it like to be on the other side of you?

  • When you enter the room, are your peers, colleagues and subordinates excited and relieved that you have arrived?  The last time you were with this group of people, did you inspire them to stretch, to grow and to innovate?
  • Is your phone ringing with colleagues on the other end who want your company at the lunch table?
  • Are you letting other people be the smartest people in the room even though you might actually be the smartest person in the room?
  • Have you developed a habit of saying “Thank You” to everyone who crosses your path and adds value to your day?  
  • Do you show gratitude where gratitude is deserved?
  • Do you know your natural strengths?  Have you aligned your natural strengths with your chosen work in order to deliver your best self?
  • Do you know how important it is to take responsibility when things go wrong and to not just take credit when things go right?
  • Do you share credit in times of victory and acknowledge mistakes in times of defeat?
  • Do you listen more than you speak in order to learn from the intelligent people around you?
  • Are you fair and consistent?  People around you may not always agree with you but if you’re known to be consistent and fair, you’ll be respected more often than not.

Do you inspire those around you to reach greater heights?


Jeff Snyder is a globally sought after talent expert, public speaker, business coach and career coach.  Jeff is well-known for his Futuristic, Strategic, Activator, Maximizer and Command strengths that enable him to guide his clients in moving from “Good to Great”; leaving mediocrity in the rear view mirror.

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Two of the Most Powerful Words When Combined Together are "Thank" and "You"

I’ve been through life-changing and life-disrupting events in recent years.  What was always important to me has become even more important to me.  Prior to entering the hospital just over a year ago for open heart surgery, I made a conscious decision to do everything in my power to be an unusual heart surgery patient for those who had to care for me.

While this was a brand new experience for me, I assumed that doctors, nurses and other care givers in the cardiac unit were probably not used to caring for people who said “Thank You” for everything that was done for them.

I did not always feel thankful as I laid there in pain after my chest had been cut open.  However, I decided long before I was lying in a hospital bed in pain to thank everyone who was caring for me. 

My thankful attitude had an amazing impact on my care givers.  With only a couple of exceptions, I’m pretty sure that every care giver who entered my room appreciated being thanked no matter how small their effort towards me might have been.

Every time I have to go back to the hospital or back to a doctor’s office, I purposely decide before I arrive to be thankful to every person who provides care for me.  Recently, I visited the hospital for another procedure.  Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

I had one opportunity after another to blow my top and let my emotions get out of control.  My care givers were not ready for me when I arrived at the scheduled time.  The insurance company had not given my care givers proper authority to give me the care I went to the hospital to receive.  My visit was a nightmare. 

The one thing that made all the difference was my response to the situation.  I chose to respond rather than reacting.  As a result of smiling in the face of adversity and as a result of saying “Thank You” to everyone who crossed my path, I’m pretty sure that I set myself apart from most patients my care givers had run into that day before my arrival.

I turned the admittance person into my ally.  She turned another admittance team member into my second ally for me.  They turned the scheduling person not only into my ally but into my advocate.  It took an extra 45 minutes to get to my scheduled procedure but I did get to the procedure as a result of smiling and being thankful rather than having to turn around to make a 45 minute drive home.  Because of my response choices, everyone in the office that day went to work to solve my problem for me.

When the words “Thank” and “You” are used together, they can create powerful outcomes.  I don’t think “Thank You” can be expressed too often for too many reasons. 

If you’re not in the habit of thanking those who serve you or those who work for you, give it a try. You might be amazed by the results that come your way.


Jeff Snyder’s, Jeff Snyder Coaching Blog, 719.686.8810

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How To Take Your Management Performance To The Next Level


Yesterday while working through a coaching call with one of my managerial level clients, something really cool happened.  Before I share the “cool thing”, let me first create a backdrop.

My coaching client has been working with me for a few weeks.  During that time, we’ve worked through his top talents to determine which talents are talents and which might already be strengths.  We built a plan to turn his top talents into strengths.

During yesterday’s call, my client had what I refer to as an “Ah-Ha” or “Light bulb” moment when he decided that knowing the strengths of each member of his team would give him potential to become a better manager and ultimately a better leader.

By working through is his own personal experience where he became clear about his own talents, and strengths, my client used his super-high intelligence to take the coaching we were doing one-on-one to the next level.

If you’re a manager and you’d like to take your managerial performance to the next level, learning precisely how you are wired is where we would start.  Then we would move on to learning precisely how each person on your team is wired so you could assign each team member to responsibilities that directly align with their natural strengths.  Your managerial game will move to the next level.  

Your team members will think you’re the best manager they’ve ever had and they’ll be hard pressed to leave you to go to work for someone else.

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What It Takes to be a Leader


This factual information comes from my proprietary research.

While creating my career coaching and leadership coaching programs, it seemed to me that in order to create the best programs possible, I should go to the customers of security leaders to find out what the customers want, need and expect from security leadership.

There's more than what will fit on this graphic but this is what the business (your customers) told me they want from you.


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