He Left His Comfort Zone...The Payoff Was, WOW!


Nine months ago, Tim came to me seeking career clarity and help to develop greater self-confidence. On his own, he had risen to the level of Senior Director but he couldn’t quite figure out how to crack into the “C” Suite.

Tim didn’t know for sure that he belonged in any company’s “C” Suite. After reviewing his unique personal Strengths and his Emotional Intelligence scores, there was no doubt in my mind that he belonged in some company’s “C” Suite.

Tim’s Resume and LinkedIn Profile needed work when we first met, but the bigger challenge was his mindset. By reviewing his Strengths report and his Emotional Intelligence scores, I instantly knew that he had what it takes to not just get to the “C” Suite but he had what it takes to perform at a high-level in the “C” Suite.

Tim possessed Strengths that many technology leaders do not possess and his Emotional Intelligence scores placed him in the realm of a benchmark I work from that represents 250 successful “C” Suite executives.

We worked together in a coaching relationship for 9 months to develop his unique Strengths and to fine-tune and polish his Emotional Intelligence. Tim’s new Resume and LinkedIn strategies generated many “C” Suite interviews with companies that didn’t know precisely what it was that they were seeking.

He interviewed with a company that had fired a previous technology leader who had poor business and people skills. Because Tim knew how to articulate his skills and accomplishments, but more importantly, he knew how to speak from a position of confidence about his unique personal Strengths and his higher than normal Emotional Intelligence, it didn’t take long for a healthy job offer to surface. The offer was significantly higher than his most recent compensation and Tim was convinced that he was being paid for bringing exceptional people skills, soft skills and business skills to the table.

What did Tim do that most people don’t do in order to achieve a result that most people don’t achieve? He stepped out of his own way, out of his comfort zone, in order to get help from someone who specializes in helping high-performing human beings to create their best performance and to excel.

He invested in himself and he took action that most people don’t take. He’s no longer a Senior Director. He’s now a well-compensated, self-confident “C” Suite executive.


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I Would be Honored to Be Your Personal Coach


I Am Unique and Special

I am something and I have value.  Therefore my time, energy, expertise, training and entrepreneurial risk taking is worth something.  I have references and references and more references from people who have achieved results with my help as their coach.

You Are Unique and Special…capable of producing Greatness

You are somebody.  You are unique and special.  You were created to become Great at something.  I can show you what that means and how to achieve Greatness.  

You should invest in yourself from time-to-time and not expect employers to take you to the next level.  Assign yourself value and live up to the assignment you gave yourself with proper care and feeding.

Famous People Have Spoken

Tony Robbins suggests that it takes “Massive Action” to create change.

One of my mentors, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith suggests that achieving change in human behavior is one of the most difficult things for a human being to do.

What do You Need to Accomplish or Change?

Change is difficult.  It is tough to face and even harder to create.  You didn’t get to where you are overnight and you won’t get out of that situation overnight. If you're stuck, you didn't get stuck yesterday.  

I have coaching clients who have sucked up their egos, eaten a slice of humble pie and taken the dive.  They put their trust in me.  They wanted to change, they wanted to achieve and they wanted to make their future better than their past.  

I Charge Fees

I charge fees for my services because they’re backed by experience, education, training, certification and lots of entrepreneurial risk that you probably haven’t acquired or taken.  I’m not here to out-do you. I’ll meet you in the middle and I'll give you the best of everything I have to give.

Invest In Yourself

You should invest in yourself when you need help because you are unique, one of a kind, worth a lot more than you probably think you are and you won’t get to where you want to go without some work and investment.

Thank you for reading.


Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder Coaching, 719.686.8810

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