Risk Taking

He Left His Comfort Zone...The Payoff Was, WOW!


Nine months ago, Tim came to me seeking career clarity and help to develop greater self-confidence. On his own, he had risen to the level of Senior Director but he couldn’t quite figure out how to crack into the “C” Suite.

Tim didn’t know for sure that he belonged in any company’s “C” Suite. After reviewing his unique personal Strengths and his Emotional Intelligence scores, there was no doubt in my mind that he belonged in some company’s “C” Suite.

Tim’s Resume and LinkedIn Profile needed work when we first met, but the bigger challenge was his mindset. By reviewing his Strengths report and his Emotional Intelligence scores, I instantly knew that he had what it takes to not just get to the “C” Suite but he had what it takes to perform at a high-level in the “C” Suite.

Tim possessed Strengths that many technology leaders do not possess and his Emotional Intelligence scores placed him in the realm of a benchmark I work from that represents 250 successful “C” Suite executives.

We worked together in a coaching relationship for 9 months to develop his unique Strengths and to fine-tune and polish his Emotional Intelligence. Tim’s new Resume and LinkedIn strategies generated many “C” Suite interviews with companies that didn’t know precisely what it was that they were seeking.

He interviewed with a company that had fired a previous technology leader who had poor business and people skills. Because Tim knew how to articulate his skills and accomplishments, but more importantly, he knew how to speak from a position of confidence about his unique personal Strengths and his higher than normal Emotional Intelligence, it didn’t take long for a healthy job offer to surface. The offer was significantly higher than his most recent compensation and Tim was convinced that he was being paid for bringing exceptional people skills, soft skills and business skills to the table.

What did Tim do that most people don’t do in order to achieve a result that most people don’t achieve? He stepped out of his own way, out of his comfort zone, in order to get help from someone who specializes in helping high-performing human beings to create their best performance and to excel.

He invested in himself and he took action that most people don’t take. He’s no longer a Senior Director. He’s now a well-compensated, self-confident “C” Suite executive.


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Risking the Unusual to Experience Anything But Ordinary

Horse Thief Mountain Bike Trail overlooking the Colorado River in Fruita, CO

Horse Thief Mountain Bike Trail overlooking the Colorado River in Fruita, CO

It was an open heart surgery anniversary trip that I returned from yesterday afternoon.  From the moment a good friend moved me from being a casual mountain biker to a more serious mountain biker several years ago, I’ve always wanted to ride in Fruita, CO where some of the best mountain biking on the planet can be found.

Over the weekend, two friends joined me to help me accomplish this goal.  The photo above is just one frame of the 20 or so miles we rode over the weekend.  In Fruita, whether you’re riding on the easiest trails or the most difficult trails or something in-between, you’re doing something that most people don't do in order to reap rewards that most people will never experience.

For my two buddies, this was a quick weekend road trip.  For me, this trip represented reaching a goal I set a while back.  For someone who hasn’t had open heart surgery, navigating the trails of Fruita is quite difficult.  For someone who has had open heart surgery, navigating the trails of Fruita is a huge mental and physical challenge.

I occasionally post other people’s quotes.  I post other people’s quotes because I take their quotes seriously.  Last week I shared this quote from Jim Rohn.


I risked the unusual and my reward was anything but ordinary.  What is it that you might need to risk in order to experience something other than ordinary?

In case you’re wondering if I wrecked over 20 miles of riding on rocks, the answer is yes.  Yesterday morning my front tire got stuck between two rocks and I proceeded to fly over the handlebars.  I landed on my chest and my chin on nothing but rock. The rock won that battle.

It hurts but I’ll get over it.  The puck drops soon for my next hockey game on Thursday and I have to start preparing for our next weekend mountain bike road trip to Wyoming!

Jeff Snyder Coaching

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Do You Ever Spend Time On The Edge?

Jeff Snyder


Yesterday was what we call a “Bluebird Day” on the mountain here in Colorado.   The sky was blue. The sun was shining. The ski runs were groomed and it was a day for fast skiing.

My friend is a really good photographer.  He brought his fancy camera and lenses out and devoted his day to showing me a few things about photography.

I love this photo that John took.  To me, it is a reminder of fast skiing (which I have a passion for) and living on the edge.  You can't tell by looking at the photo but my speed was in excess of 50 MPH.  I love speed!

Do you spend time on the edge?  Do you ever step out of your comfort zone to do things that might scare you, stretch you or invigorate you? 

I’ve been labeled more than once a “thrill seeking adrenaline junkie”. 

When someone labeled me that way for the first time, I asked him what was wrong with the label.  He told me that I might get hurt.  I responded by suggesting that I might not get hurt.  We agreed to disagree. 

What have you always thought about doing that you just aren’t doing? 

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  You just might like it!

Jeff Snyder Coaching

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